Data protection

Your security is the highest priority. Therefore, all data such as credit card number, bank code, account number, name and address are transmitted via a secure SSL connection. This ensures that your data can not be accessed by unauthorised parties during transmission via the internet.

Provider collects, processes and uses personal data indicated or provided by the Customer, for the processing of Customer’s offer, including Customer’s e-mail address when the Customer reveals it to the Provider. For the purpose checking the credit standing, Provider may use information (e.g., a so-called score value) from external service providers, and the Customer is hereby granting its consent to the Provider to make use of such personal data limitedly for the purpose so declared. Such information also includes information about Customer’s address. The personal data are subject to a computer-assisted processing and storage. The information will not be shared with third parties, save where such disclosure is required or justified in accordance with European and Maltese data protection legislation.

Security-relevant data like credit card number, bank code, bank account number, name and address will be transferred encrypted via SSL line. This ensures that no unauthorized person can access data indicated by the Customer during the internet transmission.

Customer’s rights subject to the applicable Data protection law of the Republic of Malta and European Union laws on data protection shall remain unaffected.